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Family and Systemic Therapy 

Family and Systemic Therapy focuses on the quality of relationships in a family, or other similar ‘system’ of people who have a close relationship to each other. It works by helping those involved to share and express their experiences and feelings, as well as to understand those of other people in their system. The techniques used often emphasise existing strengths and resources of the family, identify unmet needs, and promote making changes in the relationship, and within the individual. It is effective for any family or group of people who care about each other, but who may feel stuck with a particular difficulty or pattern. Occasionally, more than one therapist may be present, to offer multiple perspectives. The length of treatment varies depending on the difficulties. Occasionally we might meet with you as a family bi-weekly or monthly. 

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Couple Therapy 

Couples Therapy works with both partners in a relationship to help understand and resolve difficulties or conflict. It is effective for couples whose issues have arisen over time in the relationship, or following a significant life event.  It works by improving communication, understanding different perspectives, and looking at ways to improve intimacy, trust, and satisfaction in your relationship. The length of treatment can vary, and we will discuss your options collaboratively. For some, difficulties may be resolved in a few meetings; others may want or need a more in-depth piece of work regarding their relationship. More information can be found here.

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