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Psychological Consultation

If  you would like to talk to us about the services we offer the first step would be to meet us for a “psychological consultation”. This might be accomplished in one meeting or might take a bit longer. We will discuss with you the types of difficulties you are experiencing so we can come to a joint understanding or “formulation” of your problems. In order to get an accurate picture, we might ask you questions about various aspects of your life, including your past. We will be respectful if you do wish not to discuss certain topics with us.


At the end of this process we will come to a joint agreement about whether psychological therapy is the right way forward and what outcomes you might want to work towards. We might also conclude that you do not need any further appointments or that a different service will be more appropriate for you.


Consultation Only Service

We also offer a consultation only service if you do not want to consider psychological therapy at the moment, but are looking to build up an understanding of any issues causing you difficulties. This service is also for individuals who are looking for someone to write a formal psychological report.


Our consultation only service will provide you with:

  • An understanding of your difficulties

  • Recommendations for improving your psychological well-being

  • Sign-posting to service if requested

  • A psychological report


A psychological report will be chargeable at an additional rate to the consultation fee. Please click here for further details.


The Lighthouse Psychology Practice

The Grange

1 Central Road

London SM4 5PQ

Call: 07722 032506


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