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Schema Therapy


Schema Therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and includes elements of other therapies. It focuses on learning about and changing long-standing patterns that people repeat throughout their lives and that can cause them problems, your so-called “schemas”.


When addressing schemas, we will help you change your thinking patterns, find new ways of expressing feelings and learn healthier and more productive coping styles. We use a lot of “experiential techniques” (trying things out in the therapy room, for example, through role play), as these have been shown to produce change at a deeper level. There is also a strong focus on the relationship between you and your therapist, as this will help you notice patterns you fall into with other people and provides you with an opportunity to try something different.


Schema Therapy is semi-structured (there is certain things the therapist will suggest you do together) with some tasks for you to carry out between sessions, to help you bring the therapy forward into your life.


This therapy is particularly suitable for people who feel “stuck” with certain themes repeating in their lives, who have longer-term difficulties, and/or who want to reflect on the childhood origins of their difficulties.

For more information, please go to:


The Lighthouse Psychology Practice

The Grange

1 Central Road

London SM4 5PQ

Call: 07722 032506


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