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Mentalisation-Based Therapy


Mentalisation Based Therapy, or MBT, is a therapy specifically developed for people who have long-standing problems in relationships with other people and find it difficult to manage their emotions.


MBT aims to help you identify those moments when you lose your ability to “mentalise”, which is the ability to think about or make sense of a feeling or behaviour. When emotions run too high, we cannot think. Instead we act on impulse, perhaps lashing out, or hurting ourselves. Sometimes we just go blank.


MBT research has shown that children normally learn to mentalise by having parents who can do this. However if you haven’t had this experience, it can be hard to stop and think about your feelings and your reactions to situations, and hard to read other people too, which leads to relationship difficulties or problems managing emotions.


In the sessions, your therapist will teach you about mentalisation. You will then learn to apply these new skills by talking about difficult moments with other people in your life, as well as difficult things that may come up between you and your therapist.


For more information, please go to:


The Lighthouse Psychology Practice

The Grange

1 Central Road

London SM4 5PQ

Call: 07722 032506


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